Howard Hughes – The untold story

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«As sexy, shocking and scandalous as any story could get.» -Liz Smith

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Howard Hughes was one of the most amazing, intriguing, and controversial figures of the twentieth century. He was the billionaire head of a giant corporation, a genius inventor, an ace pilot, a matinee-idol-handsome playboy, a major movie maker who bedded a long list of Hollywood glamour queens, a sexual sultan with a harem of teenage consorts, a political insider with intimate ties to Watergate, a Las Vegas kingpin, and ultimately a bizarre recluse whose final years and shocking death were cloaked in macabre mystery. Few people have been able to penetrate the wall of secrecy that enshrouded this complex man. In this fascinating, revelation-packed national best-seller, the full story of one of the most daring, enigmatic, and reclusive power brokers America has ever known is finally told.


What the critics said…

“As sexy, shocking, and scandalous as any story could get.”
Liz Smith

“A new look at Hughes . . . challenges much that has been penned about him.”
—Washington Times

“A remarkable biography filled with fascinating details.”
Associated Press

“A thorough and interesting biography of a complicated and brilliant business tycoon.”
Sunday Oregonian

“Entertainment journalists Peter Harry Brown and Pat H. Broeske make good use of long-hidden dossiers and documents that were not available to previous biographers of Hughes . . . a compelling read . . . “
Los Angeles Times

“Never have money, power and Hollywood been seen in such a ruthless light.”
Boston Herald

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